Transforming your reality in style

Exprience the energy of Crystals ot manifest your dream life

About Phases Hawaii

Phases Hawaii was created with the desire to share the benefits of crystals with others in a unique way. The mission was to create bracelets that combines the healing properties of gemstones with a fashion-forward aesthetic.

We don't just want to offer gemstone jewelry that look great, but also to have the potential to improve the wearer's well-being.

By promoting a harmonious balance in people's lives, Phases Hawaii is more than just a brand of jewelry, it's a lifestyle.

The name Phases Hawaii was chosen as an allusion to the lunar phases, and the idea that just as the moon goes through different stages, so do we in our own lives.

The symbolism of the new and full moon influenced the brand deeply with the new moon representing a fresh start and the potential for new beginnings, while the full moon signifies the manifestation of intentions set half a year ago.

Phases Hawaii, strives to evoke feelings of hope and the power to manifest one's aspirations. Each crystal is unique in its properties that can act as a constant reminder of your goals and dreams. More than just a fashion accessory, our jewelry carries a deeper significance and purpose

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Intention setting

Hold your bracelet in your hand & close your eyes. Set an intention for yourself then wear your bracelet & let it remind you of the life you are creating--while it's crystal energy does it's thing.

Meet Beverly

Beverly is passionate about sharing the power of crystal energy through bracelets that people are proud to wear. After hearing about the positive effect crystals had on others around her she tried them for herself & loved the results--she couldn't believe how calm & focused she felt.

She truly believes that wearing crystals daily can positively effect people's well-being.

She is a mom of 2 girls, who inspired her to start her own business. She wanted the felxibility to spend more time with her daughters & show them that they can do what they love!

Beverly looks forward to Phases Hawaii taking a little part in you, live your dream life!


You Deserve the best

Our gemstones are delicately selected tracing its source, origin and purity. Imported from areas around the world such as Brazil, India, and Africa. We take pride in providing you with only quality pieces. This ensures each bracelet is made with 100% natural gemstones holding all of it’s healing properties. Every piece is then cleansed with Selenite & Hawaiian moonlight before delivery.