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Golden Topaz

Golden Topaz

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Golden Topaz, the mesmerizing gemstone that embodies joy, abundance, and confidence. Allowing you to shine brightly and embrace a life filled with positivity and success.

  • Helps to overcome anxiety, fear, and depression
  • Promotes self-confidence and inner strength
  • Aids in digestion, circulatory, and respiratory issues
  • Attracts success, prosperity, and good fortune

Material: AAA natural gemstones, 14K Gold Filled & Sterling Silver 

Sizing: Our bracelets are designed to be adjustable, offering flexibility to fit various wrist sizes. The S/M size comfortably accommodates wrist sizes from 6 inches to 7 inches, while the M/L size is suitable for wrist sizes from 7 inches to 8 inches.

Closure: Each bracelet features a convenient clasp for easy wearing. The sliding bead allows you to adjust the tightness around your wrist, ensuring a customized and comfortable fit for every wearer.

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