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Saggitarius | Necklaces

Saggitarius | Necklaces

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, is adventurous, optimistic, and freedom-loving. Sagittarians are seekers of truth and knowledge who thrive on exploration and new experiences.


Handbags: Crafted from high-quality vegan grained leather, ensuring durability and a luxurious feel.

Jewelry: Made with gold-filled or sterling silver metals, complemented by ethically sourced, natural gemstones.

Gemstone Details

Our gemstones are 100% natural, showcasing the inherent beauty and unique characteristics that only nature can provide.

Global Origins: sourced from diverse locations across the globe, each renowned for its unique geological formations. From the rich mines of Brazil to the serene landscapes of Madagascar, our gemstones bring the world’s natural treasures to you.

Cleansed and Energized: all gemstones are cleansed and energetically charged .This cleansing process ensures that the gemstones are purified and imbued with positive energies, ready to bring their healing properties and beauty into your life.

Jewelry Sizing

Bracelets: Small/Medium: Fits wrist sizes from 6" to 7"
Medium/Large: Fits wrist sizes from 7" to 8"

Necklaces: 16" standard length with a 2" extender chain


Handbags: Magnetic closure with removable shoulder straps for versatile carrying options.

Bracelets: Equipped with a spring clasp and adjustable slider bead for a perfect fit.


Handbags: Each handbag is presented in its dust bag for safekeeping

Jewelry: Packaged in our branded microfiber pouch with a description card outlining the healing properties of the specific gemstone

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  • Selecting your gemstones

    All crystals are natural and ethically sourced, bringing unique beauty and healing properties to your jewelry. Whether you’re drawn to a specific stone for its meaning or simply its beauty, choose the one that resonates with you to make your piece uniquely yours.

  • Setting an intention

    We believe each piece should be a reminder of your journey and aspirations. To set an intention, simply hold your piece, visualize your goal, and state your intention clearly. This practice infuses your piece with personal meaning, empowering you to attract positivity and achieve your dreams.